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We live in a reinforced concrete (RC) world that's crumbling down around us faster than we can build and repair it! Over the last 100 years public infrastructure has been built with the 3rd and 4th largest commodities in today's civilized ​societies, concrete and steel. Traditionally black steel rebar has been used as tinsel reinforcement inside of concrete. Unfortunately, the test of time has proven that steel rusts and always will! When steel rusts it swells, the internal pressure bursts open the very concrete the rebar was supposed to be reinforcing. This type of failure is known as spalling.

 How do we eliminate spalling...Basalt fiber reinforced, epoxy coated RockRebar®. Basalt is abundant, renewable volcanic rock. Basalt rock is melted into a continuous "glass state” fiber. These continuous basalt fibers are coated with a proprietary epoxy based resin in our state-of-the-art process to produce the only true "Green", "Naturally Renewable” and totally “Rust-Free” alternative meant for the building and repair of our nations infrastructure in an environmentally responsible manner. RockRebar®  is a modern tech, non-corrosive, ultra-low carbon footprint solution to traditional black steel rebar. Take part in the repair & building of our concrete infrastructure and invest in RockRebar® (BFRP / Basalt rebar)  today to own a piece of the rock!  

 The Florida Department of Transportation states that
"The deterioration of reinforcing and prestressing steel within concrete is one of the prime causes of failure of concrete structures." 


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