RockMesh® has several uses in civil engineering.

The aggregate of the roadbed should be stabilized by 1-1/2”x1-1/2” RockMesh® rather than rusty steel. RockMesh® is state of the art for the structural reinforcement of Pervious concrete. Pervious Concrete is 20-25% open to allow standing water to pass right through and a sustainable alternative to standard concrete in that it reduces stormwater runoff and improves water quality. The application of pervious concrete helps municipalities meet requirements of the Clean Water Act as well as helping to achieve the United States Green Building Council’s LEED [Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design] status for new construction. The system allows for storm water to be managed onsite via retention and detention devices and only engaging the drainage system when those become full. After a rainfall event, the stored runoff will either evaporate from storage or infiltrate into the ground, helping the client save millions of dollars in pumping and environmental impact fees.

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Continuous Basalt fiber geogrid is a BFRP reinforcement based on basalt fiber in a glass state woven cloth coated with modified PVC,

it was developed to address the problem of pavement cracking on highways, roads and runways, driven by a need to reduce cost for infrastructure maintenance and repair.

It is characterized by high tensile strength in axial and lateral directions; a very low stretch rate almost perfectly matching the natural stretch and expansion of Portland based concrete, high natural resistance to alkali, low temperature- resistance, as well as superior handling and cutting convenience in construction and low price. It can be used on concrete and or pitch pavement to prevent cracks and prolong pavement service life. It also can be used as a

reinforcement material for hillsides, reservoirs, harbors, ports, water channels, seawalls, swimming pools and in both new or the restoration of deteriorating reinforced concrete infrastructure:

- Reinforcement for road pavement

-Reinforcement of “Pervious” concrete

-Reinforcement for railway basement

- Reinforcement for Tunnel

-Reinforcement for Slope

- Reinforcement for embankment

 -Soft soil reinforcement, improve road whole bearing capacity   and prevent cack.


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